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Grid Column Sizing

This plugin, applied to a number of HTML tables, provides the behaviour of resizing their columns

# This plugin, applied to n-tables of an HTML page, provides the behaviour of resizing columns by dragging the mouse or double-clicking over a “handler hint”.
# I want it to be FAST, non-intrusive, and for HUGE tables (intranet applications, as well as for internet)
# If you double-click, the column collapse (to minimum width property); if you repeat double-click, the column returns to previous width status, and viceversa.
# If the plugin “jquery.cookies.pack.js” is present and the property “cookies” is true, then the columns width status are preserved from load to load.
Tested in IE6+, Firefox 2+
Release Notes
[25 July 2008] Release version 0.5
Bugs / TODO
(buggy) double-click behaviour is tricky
to update to future jQuery UI module or interface version 2
to indicate visually pixels width, while dragging
to use dinamic methods like “create” / “destroy”
to use dinamic methods like “collapse/expand X column/s”
possibility of defining columns width default values for initiating
to improve documentation and demos
(perhaps?) to change “jquery.grid.” into “jquery.table.” as the connotations of “grid” word are too ambitious…

 table-layout: fixed;
 width : 100%;
table.jquery_columnSizing tr td{
 overflow : hidden;

Posted by ABDUL SABOOR Sunday, February 7, 2010


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