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These sensational filters are designed to allow the user to create fluffy clouds, spectacular constellations, and celestial skies. Drop in a moon add a soft glow and some twinkling stars with easy to use tools that will allow precise placement of each visual in the areas you want them. With a few simple controls the user can easily add variation to enhance each effect to his desired shape or size. Here’s how:


Target Image:


Original Image:


1. MoonGlow

1.1. Open the image in Twisting Pixels
1.2. Find your menu select [Filter] find [Pixel Creation] and then add your [Moon Glow].
1.3. Adjust your MoonGlow settings by using the sliders; move your MoonGlow by dragging it.
- Use tab labeled [Halo and Eclipse] to adjust your moon’s halo and glow.

2. Moon Ring

2.1. Find your menu select [Filter] find [Pixel Creation] and then add [MoonRing]
2.2. Make sure your MoonRing is behind your MoonGlow by dragging your MoonRing layer below your MoonGlow layer in your layer menu.
2.3. Get rid of your ring, but not the glow.
-Move the [Ring Softness], [Ring Width], and [Ring Opacity] sliders to zero to make your ring disappear.
2.4. Size the glow to fit precisely behind your MoonGlow, making the glow small.

3. Altocumulus

3.1. Altocumulus gives a foggier look. Go to your menu find [Filter] find [PixelCreation] then add [Altocumulus].
-Place as many layers of Altocumulus clouds around your moon as desired.
3.2. To keep your layers organized but your Altocumulus clouds in a group folder.
-At the bottom right hang corner click on the group folder icon to put your Altocumulus clouds in the same group.
-You can label your folder by clicking on [Group].

4. CumulusNimbus

4.1. I threw in a CumulusNimbus cloud to add a little more variation. You can do this by going to your menu find [Filter] find [PixelCreation] and adding [CumulusNimbus]
-add as many as desired
-If you want your CumulusNimbus clouds in a group folder just follow directions in 3.2.

5. Darkening your image

5.1. Your image should resemble this before making darker.
5.2. Use Monotone to darken your image. Go to your menu find [Filter] find
[PixelSampler] and add [Monotone].
5.3. Change your Monotone color by clicking on the black box next to your color slider. That should bring up your color selection.
-Choose any color, I choose a dark blue to go with this image.
5.4. Change the darkness of the picture by adjusting the [Color] slider.
5.5. To make the picture more clear adjust the [Softness] and [Softness Blend] to little or none.

6. Intensify your moon

6.1. On your menu find [Filter] find [PixelCreation] and add [Tonal Intensity].
6.2. Use the Ellipse tool located at the top left corner to have Tonal Intensity on and around the moon.
-Adjust the ellipse on and around the moon for an intense glow.
6.3. Your end product should resemble this:

Posted by ABDUL SABOOR Sunday, October 18, 2009


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