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We will celebrate the new 2010 year with a cool ,simple poster design . This design summarize the year 2009 popular trends like bokeh , light and colors .

The Poster

Step 1

Start a new document with a black background .Choose the size you like I used 1000*1400 pixels .Of course if you are planning to print it you might need to adjust the size to a bigger one .

Step 2

Add a new fill layer with solid color ( Layer > New fill layer > solid color) and choose #fdd413 for the color. Change the layer opacity to 20%.

Step 3

Use a large soft brush with the following setting and brush some random colors around the canvas

From Filter menu choose blur> Gaussian blur .I’ve used the max value 250 for the radius .

Step 4

Create a new Gradient fill layer (Layer > Fill layer > Gradient ) .With the following setting

Change the layer blend mode to overlay and the opacity to 21%.

Step 5

We now want to create the brush that we will use for the dots(Fake bokeh) .The brush will have the following settings

Step 6

Reset the colors by pressing D on your keyboard.Create a new empty layer and draw randomly using the brush we created start from the center of the poster  .

Apply the Gaussian blur filter (Filter >Blur> Gaussian blur ) with the value 7 . Change the blend mode to Soft blend .

Step 7

Create another layer and draw again using the same brush .This  time apply the Gaussian blur  using the value 4.2 and change the blend mode to Screen.

Step 8

Another new layer , Add the dots using the brush , Gaussian blur the layer with the value 2 and the layer blend mode to Color dodge .

Step 9

Another layer , with the dots brush , no blur this time and the layer blend mode to color dodge .

Step 10

Select all layers except the yellow color layer and the black background layer ( by Clicking on the layer and press command/ctrl).Press (Commend / Ctrl + t) or (Edit >Free transform) and re-size the image to create a border around the poster.

Step 11

Add the text (2010) . I used a dark gray color and the font is (Impact)  .

We now will add some style to this text .

Step 12

Duplicate the text layer( Ctrl/command + J).Keep everything the same just change the stroke settings.

Step 13

Duplicate the 2nd text layer and  apply the following settings

Step 14

Now we want to add the sentence under the year  text. Choose the rounded rectangle and draw a white rectangle .Make sure you choose the (Shape layers ), so we can edit the shape later with the pen tool .

Change the layer blend mode to overlay.

Then add some shadow with the following settings

Step 15

Choose the direct selecting tool (or press a ). Right click on the top line of the shape and choose add anchor points . Add 3 new points .

Choose convert point tool

Click on each point once to convert the point to corner point. Now press a again and  press on the middle point and start draging it upward

Play with the 3 points using the direct select tool until you are satisfied with the results.

Step 16

Add your text . Change the layer opacity to around 81%.

Step 17

We are almost done . Now we want to drew attention toward the center of the poster where the text is located .
Create a new layer .Choose Edit>Fill >Use 50% Gray .Then Choose filter>render>Lighting effect with the following settings.

Change the layer blend mode to overlay and the opacity to 83%.

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Posted by ABDUL SABOOR Friday, January 1, 2010

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